Achilles tendon injury

How to Diagnose & Treat Achilles Tendon Injury

Keeping active is important as you age. However, activity can also lead to injury. Even the most careful athletes can suffer from tendon injuries, and injuries to the foot or ankle is no exception. The Achilles tendon, also called the calcaneal tendon, is especially vulnerable to injury in middle aged athletes, so it’s important to identify and treat injuries as soon as possible to prevent further injury.

What Causes Injury?

Achilles tendon injuries frequently occur during intense physical activity, including running, and diagnosing and treating injuries to the Achilles tendon is important for overall foot health. Frequent stops and starts, as well as pushing off motions, such as when one is running or training for intense sports, can lead to tendon injuries and affect the athlete’s performance if the Achilles tendon is put under too much stress. Read more

Barefoot running: How to Adjust and Avoid Injury

How to Avoid Injury

Barefoot running is one of the most popular running trends of the last few years. The excitement over barefoot running was largely started by the 2009 book Born to Run by runner and author Christopher McDougall.
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