Dr. Holtzman featured in Town & Style Magazine

This week, Dr. Holtzman of Missouri Foot & Ankle was featured in the Health & Beauty section of Town & Style, a hyper-local magazine covering society issues and events in Greater St. Louis. Dr. Holtzman’s article addressed bunions, a common foot problem.

The full text of the article is below:


Experts say wearing comfortable shoes that conform to the shape of your foot, without squeezing or pressing, is the best way to prevent bunions from forming.

>>Dr. John Holtzman, Missouri Foot & Ankle

Bunions are a foot deformity where the bone behind the big toe shifts out, causing the big toe to point in the opposite direction toward the second toe. As a result, a bony bump occurs on the joint at the base of the big toe that can be painful and unsightly.

Bunions are hereditary, so you’re much more likely to develop this deformity if you have a parent or grandparent with bunions. Bunions also can be caused by injury to the toe or tight shoes, but more often shoes aggravate the problem. I recommend choosing shoes with wide toe boxes, stable heels and good arch support.

Bunions will not improve or go away on their own, but conservative options like shoe inserts and wearing better shoes might reduce the discomfort and prevent the bunion from growing. There are very good surgical options for bunions, but surgery should only be considered when you’re in pain, not just to improve the look of the toe. Like all surgeries, there are risks associated with the procedure.

If you have bunions or any other foot problem, be sure to contact Dr. Holtzman or one of the other professionals at Missouri Foot & Ankle today!