Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

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Are you afraid to wear sandals because of yellow toenails? Do you hesitate to go barefoot?

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is not always easy to treat. One of the most common ways to treat nail fungus is with oral medications, but these can cause a variety on unwanted side effects. Another option is using topical treatments, but this type of treatment can be time consuming. At worst, both options can be simply ineffective.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

At Missouri Foot & Ankle, we offer an alternative that many other podiatrists in St. Louis do not: HyperBlue 1530 Diode Laser Treatment.

HyperBlue is a high-watt laser that penetrates the nail in microsecond bursts to kill the fungus that causes rough and discolored nails. In as few as 3 treatments, most patients will notice new, clear nails beginning to grow. When the nail naturally replaces itself in a few months’ time, it will be clear and healthy.

Not only is HyperBlue highly effective for most patients, but it is also FDA approved and completely safe. Since the treatment is so directed and localized, there are no side effects to the rest of the body.

HyperBlue is also quick and effective. Most patients only require a few short treatments. There is no recovery time, no required tests, and no side effects. You walk in and walk out within only a few minutes.

Best of all, HyperBlue is also virtually painless. Most patients will feel no pain at all and some will feel only a slight tingling or warmth during the treatment.

Because conditions for toenail fungus to reappear will always be present, HyperBlue treatment is not permanent, but preventative treatment can be scheduled to ensure you have clear, healthy, attractive nails for as long as you want.

Imagine not being ashamed of your feet every time you take your shoes or socks off. If you have been deterred by oral or topical treatments in the past because of inconvenience, expense, or fear of side effects, now is the time to try HyperBlue! It’s safe, painless, quick, and effective.

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Say goodbye to toenail fungus once and for all! Contact one of our podiatrists at Missouri Foot & Ankle in St. Louis today for more information about HyperBlue or to schedule an appointment.